Install Package Online

1. Download and install Litegapps Controller

2. Open terminal/termux

3. su

4. litegapps

5. select litegapps menu

6. select Install Package

7. Select list package

8. Downloading process

9. Install Done

7. done

Install Package Ofline

1. Download package ZIP click here

2. Move package ZIP to /sdcard/Android/litegapps/packages/(here)

3. open terminal/termux

4. su

5. litegapps

6. Select Litegapps Menu

7. Select Install Package ZIP

8. Process Install package

9. Done

Install Package Magisk Manager/recovery

1. Download package ZIP click here

2. Install package in magisk manager or recovery

Note : It behaves like [AUTO], where if magisk is installed the addon package will be converted to magisk module (systemless). if magisk is not installed then it will be a regular flashable.