LiteGapps is a dedicated google app for the android operating system

Initially I was looking for lightweight custom Google apps, because I only used Google Apps to download games and applications from Playstore. i found a lightweight custom gapps but it's not quite what i want yet

It was then that I created my own custom gapps which are lightweight, small and support multiple devices that can be installed system or Systemless

After I made litegapps on the 15th, I thought to make litegapps installable on various devices and versions of Android with one flashable package. that's where "litegapps++" was born with a separate package from the usual litegapps.

in 08-2020 i have made "LiteGapps Controller" for extra features of "litegapps" or "litegapps++" with some tweaks used by users

after several updates litegapps added variants to complement user needs, with "litegapps variant" you can choose which package you need.

In May 2022, we also added "addon/packages" so users can install which packages they need manually.

in july 2022, we made "LiteGapps Remover" as a solution for roms that include gapps and remove them, then you can install litegapps

so that's an explanation and some introduction you can read further below to find out "project litegapps".


LiteGapps litegapps is specifically targeted for a specific Android/Architecture, with 8 variants : Lite,Core,Go,User,Basic,Nano,Micro,Pixel.Read more...


LiteGapps++ is a development of regular LiteGapps, with LiteGapps++ you can use it for cross-architectures and android versions in 1 flashable ZIP, while maintaining its small size. It has 3 variants, namely Reguler,LTS,MicroG.

LiteGapps++ is made for those of you who like to change roms or android versions, you can use this for many devices and android versions in one flashable ZIP Read more

LiteGapps Controller

LiteGapps Controller is litegapps controller is an additional feature of litegapps and below are some features of LiteGapps Controller Read more...

1. Boost This is a feature for game usage

2. Gaming Mode It will speed up your phone

3. Battery Saver Battery saving mode

4. Check ping to test the stability of internet connection

5. LiteGapps Menu LiteGapps Controller Special Features

6. Memory Info displays device memory usage

7. Device Info displays device information

8. Add-on displays device information

9. Tweaks displays device information

10. Settings displays device information

11. About displays device information

12. Exit Exit menu


Addon is an additional package on litegapps, contains google apps in packages and is installed independently. even you can install google apps without litegapps main package Read more...

LiteGapps Remover

LiteGapps Remover is a google apps remover in rom, on the release of Android 12 most roms already provide google apps in rom. with this litegapps remover provides a solution to remove the default gapps from the ROM so you can install litegapps Read more...